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Vaccine Center

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General Information

Since, at the present time, the number of adults and senior citizens of the general population have increased considerably, Bangkok Hospital Hatyai recognizes the importance of these two specific groups to avail themselves of a full complement of vaccines in order to reduce the rate of illness, absenteeism from work and hospitalization for those diseases that can prevented by vaccination as well as the prevention of complications arising from communicable diseases. Consequently, adults from the age of 15 and above should be vaccinated according to their age group, risk factor, and the nature of their work or occupation by specialists in vaccines, with a dedicated medical team, nursing staff and experienced staff providing preventive care. The transport and storage system and the quality of vaccine is of accepted international standards including the complete range of vaccines for adults and senior citizens thus enabling us to make health care of our patients complete.

Various Services

  • Individualized advisory and consultative vaccination services with up-to-date computer software.
  • Vaccination services for adults and seniors.
  • Vaccination services for those with underlying medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, etc.
  • Vaccination service prior to traveling abroad
  • Vaccination service before commencing work