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BHH Medical Center

Plastic Surgery Clinic

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The Plastic Surgery Clinic performs surgical operations on patients including the correction of birth defects or disabilities such as abnormal facial features for patients who have been burnt by fire or hot water, or those who experienced accidents resulting in wounds and broken facial bones, for instance. The clinic also offers cosmetic surgery to enhance our client’s appearance and confidence through the modification of the face, chest or abdomen, for instance, by means of diagnoses with an emphasis on treatment and rehabilitation under the care of a multidisciplinary team of specialized surgeons who are highly experienced and skilled as well as anesthesiologists, nurses and other specialized physicians such as internists who are able to provide specialized surgical care (Patient Care Unit) utilizing modern medical equipment to assess patients quickly, conveniently and accurately. A dedicated nursing team is on call, ready to provide care in addition to providing advice on continual self-care at home for comprehensive treatment as well as a dedicated inpatient service ward to care for those who have undergone surgery.